Brighter Brand Build

The Brand Build gives you the tools to attract your dream clients, consistently book clients at higher rates, and be seen as the go-to expert in your niche.

I take care of every step of the process, from strategy to planning, execution, launch and support.

I’ll craft your visual brand, copywriting, website, and custom tech integrations so that you can show up online with confidence knowing that your clients feel like a million bucks from the moment they land on your site.

Get an online brand that…

🥳 reflects your personality & your passion so that you clients are excited to work with you,

😎 gives you the confidence to charge premium rates for your 5-star services,

✏️ streamlines your digital process to give you and your clients time back,

🪄 shows your clients the transformation that is possible for them with your client journey so that they can’t wait to start,

😍 turns clients into fans by surprising and delighting them throughout their interactions with you!

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Made for those who want to transform their online presence and grow their audience.

I’ll lead and manage the entire project, taking care of all the details for you and boosting your shine with one-of-a-kind details that transform your online presence.

Can include:

8+ weeks

Starts at $17500

* Previous payment from your Brand Blueprint is applied to the cost

Blaze Up

The right fit for those who want to elevate their brand & website to increase their revenue.

This is the most popular Brand Build package and fulfills the needs of most coach and consultant businesses I meet.

Can include:

  • Visual Design & Copywriting

    I'll design your visual identity, including colours, typography, icons and other graphics.

    We'll also make sure the words on your site convey your positioning and speak directly to your dream clients.

  • Website Development

    You'll get a website that reflects who you are and creates a streamlined experience that makes it easy for your potential clients to start working with you.

  • Digital Integrations:

    I'll audit and improve your existing tools, or set up new tools, to fit your goals and brand strategy. I'll also help you update any relevant content.

    Could include email marketing service, booking or CRM platform, internal documents and tools, etc.

  • Training & Support

    Access to a library of video guides, plus 30 days of email support.

6 weeks


* Previous payment from your Brand Blueprint is applied to the cost

Glow Up

Perfect for those who need the essentials to start booking clients consistently.

I implement the business & brand strategy developed in your Brand Blueprint into a fully cohesive brand.

This usually includes:

4 weeks


* Previous payment from your Brand Blueprint is applied to the cost

Ready to get started?

frequently asked questions

Your project cost will depend on:

  • the complexity of your digital client journey,
  • how “custom” your project is, i.e. whether your website and other tools will be designed based on general best practices for your industry, or on your specific business needs,
  • any additional deliverables, like tech integrations, copywriting, etc.

Some popular integrations for service businesses and organizations are:

  • scheduling tools
  • email marketing (with tools like ConvertKit, MailerLite)
  • client management platforms (e.g. Dubsado, Paperbell)
  • payment gateways (e.g. Stripe)
  • membership sites
  • online courses

Absolutely, yes. At the end of our project, we can discuss how I can continue to support your business so you can stay focused on doing what you love.

Here’s why my clients love working with me:

  • They know I’m committed to helping them succeed. My mission is to help people make a bigger difference in the world and build thriving businesses doing it!
  • They are able to clarify their business strategy and get results that help them achieve their goals.
  • They enjoy my process which is very supportive and includes steps that keeps us both on the same page at all times, making our project less intimidating, and more fun!

The best way to find out whether we’ll work well together is to jump on a quick Zoom call. Book a call here.

Happily! Let me know your preference and I’ll send you a custom invoice with provincial GST/HST applied.

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