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Cameras for Girls

Empowering young women in Africa by helping them develop the photography skills they need to pursue careers in journalism
Cameras for Girls website pages



Cameras for Girls helps marginalised women and girls in Africa build better lives for themselves using photography skills.

The organisation equips girls with cameras and the technical and business skills they need to get jobs or create their own. Ultimately, their mission is to support their students’ capacity to change their lives and the lives of their families and communities.


They reached out for an elevated website that will help the organisation attract and inform their audience, share their stories and images, and crucially, increase their fundraising efforts in order to create a bigger impact.

Old Cameras for Girls website on a laptop

The Challenge

Cameras for Girls offers a service that appeals to their donors. It is clear that the program uses a successful formula.

Their biggest challenge was to get in front of a larger audience and earn their buy-in.

In order to do this successfully, they needed a website that reflects the creative nature of photography, is aesthetically appealing, engaging, and informative, so that visitors are eager to learn more about how they can get involved.

The Solution

We decided to build a website that leverages powerful storytelling and trust-building to connect potential donors emotionally to students and their journeys, so that the decision to get involved, and to donate, is an easy one to make.

We wanted to show Cameras for Girls credibility and include trust factors throughout the site and across platforms so that their audience understand how their contributions will be used.

Cameras for Girls website pages on a laptop, tablet, and cell phone screens

The Results

  • A new Squarespace website that is easy to use on the backend, and that helps visitors understand why they should care enough to support their mission, trust them enough to donate, and get excited enough to share their story with their networks.


  • Copy and visuals, including photos taken by the Cameras for Girls team and students, that illustrate the organisation’s mission, program, and results, while maintaining their warmth, playfulness, and approachability.


  • A gallery of past students sharing their stories and photography portfolios to show visitors the impact of the workshops and training.


  • Clear calls to action inviting their audience to get involved in different ways based on their capacity.


Cameras for Girls Impact page on a tablet

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