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The Designist Studio

Global Measure

Visual branding, branded language, and website design to establish Global Measure's expertise, centre their mission and values, and invite fashion brands to work with them
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Global Measure helps fashion brands grow customer loyalty, profitability, and impact by offering a certification process that validates their claims to sustainability and ethical processes.


Founder and CEO Deborah King reached out to elevate the organisation’s website in order to appeal to a sophisticated clientele who are driven by their values and want to show their customer base that they mean it.

Global Measure's old website on a laptop screen

The Challenge

Deborah and her team are driven by their passion for the fashion industry and a desire to create positive change around its ecological and social impacts.

They already had a strong foundation with a deep understanding of their mission and values. Our challenge was to convey those concepts in an attractive way, and without overwhelming clients.

The organisation needed simple but impactful language to convey their mission, values, and a complex process, so that clients understand the benefits of getting certified, and specifically why they should hire Global Measure to do it. 

They also needed a modern, elegant, and seamless website that allows clients to easily learn more about the certification process and take the first step to start working with Global Measure.

The Solution

We started with Global Measure’s existing brand foundations, building a website with language that centres their expertise, drive to create a bigger positive impact in the fashion industry, and commitment to their clients. 

Global Measure's new website shown on a laptop, tablet, and cell phone

The Results

  • A visual brand identity, including typography, colours, and graphics to reflect Global Measure’s contemporary and approachable brand, and professional and scientific approach to their certification process.
  • Copy that conveys to Global Measure’s audience that they are committed to their values, against greenwashing, and have the skills and capacity to help fashion brands grow their own brands through this process.
  • A website rich in contextual information about getting certified, its benefits, and how to get started, with a blog that helps their audience learn more about sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry, and how they can become part of the change.
Global Measure's website Brand Check feature on a tablet

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