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Work With Me

Let's map out your client journey, design your signature 5-star digital client experience, and build digital infrastructure that...

🥳 reflects your personality & your passion,

😎 gives you the confidence to charge premium rates for your 5-star services,

✏️ streamlines your digital process to give you and your clients time back,

🪄 shows your clients the transformation that is possible for them with your client journey,

😍 turns clients into fans by surprising and delighting them throughout their interactions with you!

how it works


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Brighter Brand Blueprint

Shine bright so you can start booking your dreamiest clients.

We start by shining a light on exactly where you need to focus and what you should be doing now to grow your business.

Stop comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing, and get a clear, actionable plan to consistently attract and book more clients who recognize your expertise and are ready to pay for it.

Click here to schedule a Zoom call to see if we’re a good fit!

$ 500

* Cost of the Blueprint is applied to your Brighter Brand Build


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Brighter Brand Build

I design and execute your entire branded client journey, including visual elements, messaging, a beautiful, strategic website that attracts your dream clients, and the tech integrations you need to support and delight your clients.

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Get a clear blueprint to book more clients at higher rates, deliver a 5-star client experience, and be seen as the expert in your own industry!

  • Craft custom solutions for your unique business and brand
  • Design streamlined digital systems to save you time and simplify your processes
  • Gain hours every week to focus on other areas of your business, or outside your business!
  • Set up automated systems to support current and potential clients as you grow your business
  • Build trust with more potential clients with a branded, accessible website and digital touchpoints that makes the right impression
  • Transform your online presence and start showing up with more confidence.

Ready to get started? Book a 15-minute call to see if we’re a good fit.

Brighter Brand Builds


Made for those who want to transform their online presence and double their profits

I’ll lead and manage the entire project, taking care of all the details for you and boosting your shine with one-of-a-kind details that transform your online presence.

  • 1:1 Consultation & Strategy Session

    I'll show you how to use your Brighter Brand Blueprint to start booking more ideal clients at higher rates and increasing your profitability. We'll also discuss long-term strategies to ensure you are able to build momentum and grow your authority.

  • Full Visual Brand Identity & Copywriting

    Get a custom visual brand identity with all the bells and whistles - logo, colour story, typography, icons and graphics, photo curation and edits. You'll also get done-for-you copywriting that highlights your expertise and shows potential clients why you're the only one for them.

  • Website Design & Development

    I'll design and build a website that reflects your brand personality and fits current trends, integrating any tools you need to create a 5-star digital experience that will make your dreamiest clients want to work with you before you even get on a discovery call.

  • Digital Integrations:

    See below; at the Supernova level, I'll design and build custom assets based on your unique goals and brand strategy.

  • VIP Training & Support

    Access to a library of video guides, 30 days of email support, plus 2 hours of design or tech updates.

Blaze Up

The right fit for those who want to elevate their existing website and digital tools to increase their revenue

Custom brand & website design that helps you stand out within your industry, deliver a supportive & delightful client experience, and raise your rates.

  • Strategy Session

    I'll show you how to use your Brighter Brand Blueprint to start booking more ideal clients at higher rates.

  • Visual Design & Copywriting

    I'll design your visual identity, including colours, typography, icons and other graphics. We'll also make sure the words on your site convey your positioning and speak directly to your dream clients.

  • Website Development

    You'll get a website that reflects who you are and creates a streamlined experience that makes it easy for your potential clients to start working with you.

  • Digital Integrations:

    See below; at the Blaze Up level, I'll audit and improve your existing tools, or set up new tools, to fit your goals and brand strategy. I'll also help you update any relevant content.

  • Training & Support

    Access to a library of video guides, plus 30 days of email support.

Digital Integrations

* Available as add-ons to Supernova, Blaze Up and Glow Up packages, based on the client experience you want to build.

Scheduling/CRM Platform

Forms and documents that extend a richer brand experience across your client journey, and automated workflows that give you your time back

Digital Course

Customization of lead magnet, nurture sequence & newsletter template

Client Onboarding Guide

A personalized welcome package to make your clients feel like they belong

Email Marketing Service

Customization of lead magnet, nurture sequence & newsletter template so that you can grow an engaged email audience who are ready to buy from you

Membership Program

Program audit & redesign, exclusive swag design to build loyalty

3-month VIP Retainer

At a trial rate

If you’re a business coach or consultant who is ready to simplify your strategy and start booking more ideal clients at higher rates, book a quick, no-pressure call with me to learn if I can help you achieve your business goals.

Dc (Don-E Coady/Creative Director & Brand Manager) to me: True expertise in the ever-evolving arena of technical development is critical to success. As a consultant with 20+ years in tech product development, I cannot say enough about the pro communication and collaboration Ruha brough to our recent development project. The outcome is better because she was a part of it and countless stakeholding partners agree. Cheers, Ruha! I can't wait for the next chance to work together.

what to expect

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Book a Call

Book your 15-minute fit call. We’ll discuss your business needs to learn if I can help you achieve your goals, and I’ll answer any questions you have.

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Attend the Blueprint Session

If we decide to work together, we’ll start with the Brighter Brand Blueprint, an in-depth interview via Zoom about your business and current digital client journey. 

You’ll receive an actionable plan to start addressing existing gaps and opportunities immediately, and see bigger results in less time.

Icon indicating design work showing a mouse and pencil hovering over a workspace

The Creative Magic Happens

Based on your Blueprint, I’ll collect any assets I need from you for your Brighter Brand Build. Then, I’ll design and set up all the digital touch points you choose to incorporate into your 5-star online brand experience.

The cost of the Blueprint will be applied to your Build invoice.

Ready to get started? Schedule a quick, no-pressure call with me.

frequently asked questions

Your project cost will depend on:

  • the complexity of your digital client journey,
  • how “custom” your project is, i.e. whether your website and other tools will be designed based on general best practices for your industry, or on your specific business needs,
  • any additional deliverables, like tech integrations, copywriting, etc.

Here are a couple of sample project scopes to give you an idea of what your project might cost.


  • Visual brand design, including logo, colours, digital aesthetic
  • Copywriting
  • Website development

          Approx. $8,500


  • Everything in standard package, managed and done for you, plus…
  • Email marketing service integration: branding integration, audience setup, integration of lead magnet and automated email nurture sequence
  • Booking system/CRM integration (e.g Dubsado, Paperbell): branding setup, templates, canned emails, and automations for your signature services
  • Client onboarding package design

          Approx. $15,000

Some popular integrations for service businesses and organizations are:

  • scheduling tools
  • email marketing (with tools like ConvertKit, MailerLite)
  • customer management platforms (e.g. Dubsado)
  • payment gateways
  • membership sites
  • online courses

Absolutely, yes. At the end of our project, we can discuss how I can continue to support your business so you can stay focused on doing what you love.

Here’s why my clients love working with me:

  • They know I’m committed to helping them succeed. My mission is to help people make a bigger difference in the world and build thriving businesses doing it!
  • They are able to clarify their business strategy and get results that help them achieve their goals.
  • They enjoy my process which is very supportive and includes steps that keeps us both on the same page at all times, making our project less intimidating, and more fun!

The best way to find out whether we’ll work well together is to jump on a quick Zoom call. Book a call here.

Happily! Let me know your preference and I’ll send you a custom invoice with provincial GST/HST applied.

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