Ruha Ratnam

The Designist Studio

What if business growth could be easy?

I noticed something after a recent garden tantrum.

My seeds have been germinating, and fast. What normally takes weeks is happening in a couple of days, and the seedlings continue growing fast. 

I normally start planting – both indoors and out – while it’s still relatively cool. There’s the risk of a freak frost. Even cold-loving plants take a while to get going. 

Between the loss of my plants in a lawn-mowing massacre, and the late spring, I waited longer to start this year. 

And it turns out that waiting to plant when conditions are ideal leads to faster, more productive growth. I’m even getting bigger blooms because my seedlings have been under less stress. 

I think it’s the same with business growth. 

We might be tempted to embark on all our growth ideas and activities right now. I don’t believe this naturally reduces your chances of success. I think you can still get the results you want. 

However, you might find yourself working on different goals at the same time, spreading your resources a little thinner, and seeing weaker results until all those systems are strong enough to produce what you want.

On the other hand, prioritising what your business needs in this season, and moving on to a growth activity when the conditions are right for it, allows you to focus your attention and resources on building strong foundations for a business with high growth potential. 

What would make business growth easy for you?

One of my answers is to work on the type of growth that is best suited for the conditions your business is in.

I’m not here to tell you to wait to move into growth or scale mode. Sometimes, it’s worth taking the risk to just get started and see what happens. 

What I’m suggesting is to consider what might happen as a result – intended or otherwise – and if you have the time, attention, and/or financial resilience to manage it.