Ruha Ratnam

The Designist Studio

Finding clarity and confidence with the Brighter Brand Blueprint

Sydney Fletcher is holding the collar of her green jacket and smiling widely at the camera

I would absolutely recommend anyone who wants support with their brand strategy to reach out to Ruha and will be 100% referring people to her.

Sydney Fletcher is a brilliant, heart-centred life coach who helps entrepreneurs transform their lives with her guidance. She had ideas for how to grow her audience, raise her rates, and book clients more consistently. But she was unsure where to start and felt uncertain when she booked her Brighter Brand Blueprint.

Why did you book a Brand Blueprint? What were you hoping to achieve?

First and foremost, I trust Ruha. I had been following her for some time and it was clear to me that a) she cares and b) she knows her stuff. 

Secondly, I had ideas and thoughts of some steps to take but I was indecisive as to where to start. The Brand Blueprint really gave me some clarity around where I wanted to focus my efforts and what I wanted to prioritize. Ruha was also able to acknowledge and validate some thoughts and ideas I had which gave me the confidence to move forward with them.

I really wanted to simplify all the thoughts and ideas that were going on in my head surrounding bringing in more clientele and give myself a plan that was clear. 

What's happened now that you’ve gone through the Brand Blueprint process?

I find I’m feeling more confident in my brand positioning which is helping me speak to my audience much more clearly. 

Also, because I’m now clearer on the strategy, I find I’m more easily taking action towards that strategy. The pieces are coming together and I couldn’t be happier about that. 

I found that Ruha did an amazing job of both helping me organize my own thoughts and ideas. She was also able to reflect to me points of differentiation that I wasn’t seeing. 

I left the Brand Blueprint experience with a tangible document that I can turn to when I start to feel flustered that clearly communicates to me what I’m working towards. She’s also an amazing person to work with.  

Think you could benefit from a Brand Blueprint session?

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