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How to launch a new website in just two days

A real life example:
Kim Jacob, Arvorei Communications

Have you ever wondered what it takes to convert the DIY website you built into an effective tool that looks like it was designed by a professional website and converts visitors into clients?

I’m going to show you exactly how I do it using a real-life business website that I recently helped a client with, where we completed her website redesign in two days and launched to rave reviews 🎉🎉🎉

Some background information:

My client, Kim, is a language service provider. She offers translation, interpreting, and copywriting services to organisations in different industries. Her work helps her clients get in front of broader audiences by communicating effectively across languages and cultures.

Kim reached out to me to complete her website redesign project which had been trapped in limbo for a couple of months. She had built her website herself, and wanted to elevate it and make some crucial changes to reflect the new direction her business is moving in.

Additionally, Kim wanted to make sure her email marketing platform and lead magnet were effectively integrated into her website so that she could start building and nurturing an email audience.

She generously agreed to let me share my feedback with you to help you see what makes a successful website project – especially one with such a quick turnaround – so that you can prepare for it if you are also thinking of redesigning your site.

Let’s get into it!

I want to start with what I believe is one of the most important things to know about this project:

1. Kim did not need a full brand redesign.

Unlike clients who go through my full process that ranges from strategy through to visual identity design, copywriting, and marketing strategy, Kim already had a strategy, strong branding pieces and copy to support that strategy, and the bones of a website.

(Remember, we were building on top of her original DIYed site. In fact, she had hired someone else to incorporate some changes before we started working together.)

In order to turn a website redesign around quickly, you need to know exactly where you are and where you want your business to go, and how you will do it. And you must know how your website fits into that overall plan.

2. She had already prepared her copy.

Kim is an expert copywriter and had already written all the words that had to go on the website. Everything was written up in Google Docs and I just had to transfer them over to the website pages.

The copy was strong enough that I made minimal suggestions to ensure visitors smoothly interacted with her information and on to the next steps, the main goal being to encourage them to book a discovery call.

3. She had EXCELLENT photography.

If you know me, you’ll know that if I had to choose between effective copywriting and impactful graphics and photography, I’ll always choose copywriting. Potential clients need to know what you’re selling and why they should buy from you.

However, getting your website to look great will help bolster the impact of the words people are reading. And Kim nailed this.

Showing photos of herself throughout her website helps build trust and rapport in a way that words can’t accomplish quite as readily, especially since she’s the face of her business.

Her photographer provided her with high-quality images that show Kim in appropriate and relevant “scenes”, and they completely transform the mood and overall feel of the website. They instantly make the website feel more polished, and also more approachable.

Once I designed graphics to use as visual aids and add interest to blocks of text throughout the site, the site was looking…let’s say, expensive. 😏

4. She already had a lead magnet and booking system.

In fact, she had her first emails written and designed in Flodesk, and after a quick design update, her lead magnet was also ready to go.

A little tech magic on the backend…and we had her email marketing platform connected to her website so that she could start building her email list as soon as the site went live.

Connecting her discovery call booking system was as simple as adding her scheduling link in all the right places.

5. Kim made herself available to work on the site.

This was really important for us to launch with such a quick turnaround. Kim was ready and responsive anytime I needed to check in with her about something, and we were able to review the site in real time.

She made my job easier by being there to green light the work I was doing, so that once we were both happy with everything, Kim was able to confidently hit the big GO button and launch her website to the world.

Five main takeaways you can apply to your own website redesign…

If you read all the way through, bravo! And if you’re looking for the tl;dr version, here you go: 5 key takeaways to consider so that you can launch a new website in two days.

  1. Identify the goal(s) of your website and how you want to accomplish it.
  2. Get your copy ready. Hire a copywriter with experience writing copy for websites.
  3. Prepare your photographs and other imagery. You might find inspiration looking at 3-5 other websites that convey the feeling you want to accomplish. Show your photographer how they use their images.
  4. Get all your tech integrations ready. Want to build an email list? Get an account on ConvertKit or MailerLite. Prepare your lead magnet. Need a booking system? Set up a scheduler on Acuity or Dubsado.
  5. Set aside time to work on it. The real magic happens when the prep work is done and you can focus on

And that’s how Kim and I built her new website in two days and launched to great success! Interested in seeing the results?

Visit Kim’s website, Arvorei Communications.

Want me to redesign your website or build your online presence?