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Stop putting off your website to-do list…

…and start booking out your offers, earn more money, and increase your productivity.

If your website keeps getting pushed to the backburner because you just can’t find the time… well, this exclusive VIP Day is made for you.

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Exclusive Bookings are perfect for you if…

  • You’re a busy coach, consultant, or creative entrepreneur with a growing online business and need your website to do more for you
  • You want an up-to-date website that reflects your brand identity, values, and mission so that you feel confident and ready to achieve your goals
  • You have an idea of what your website should be doing but don’t feel confident that it is engaging your ideal clients and helping them make the decision to buy
  • You want a quick turnaround time to launch a new service or product and get results ASAP
  • You’re tired of trying to DIY the techy bits of your business and just want it done so you can focus the things you’re really passionate about

Here’s how we can work together on your website to start getting you the results you want now.

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We start with an in-depth discussion of your business and website goals.

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Design & Develop

I’ll take over your website to-do list and handle all the design and technical stuff for you.

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You’ll receive a video walk-through of the completed work and 30 days of support!

Rather than working on a project that drags on for weeks, or even months, a Done in a Day session will help you start getting the results you want after one day.

Typical Done in a Day projects include:

Landing Page Design: Build a landing page designed to grow your email list, promote a digital product, course or membership, or book more discovery calls

Website Refresh: Update your content and messaging for better engagement and conversion so you get more more clients

Email Automation: Set up your lead magnet and/or email sequence to start growing your email list

Website Care: Fix, optimize, or complete outstanding tech issues so your website functions smoothly

Need a combination of some or all of the above?

Reach out to discuss your options and we’ll figure out what we can realistically tackle within a day.

The Investment

$2500 for a full-day session

$1350 half-day sessions available Oct – Nov 2021

*I only book 4 VIP sessions a month. I recommend reaching out as soon as possible, especially if you have a launch or need to complete your website project in the next couple of months.

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What to expect

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  1. Apply to work with me. I’ll send you an email with my availability and a link to schedule a discovery call to answer any questions you might have.
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2. Book your project date and pay a 50% deposit to secure your spot in my calendar. Give yourself a 1-2 week cushion so you have time to prepare.

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3. You’ll receive a guide for the pre-work you’ll need to complete and we’ll schedule a 60-minute call, about 1 week before our session.

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4. On the big day, I’ll check in with you as I get work done. I will focus on just you and your project for the next 7 hours.

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5. You need to be available virtually during our scheduled session as it is a collaborative process. (Don’t worry, I won’t be pinging you all day.)

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6. At the end of the day, we’ll wrap up the day with a live or recorded review of the completed work and any documentation you might need. You also get 30 days of follow-up support.

Questions my clients ask

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Have a question I didn’t answer?

Email me at hello@thedesignist.studio

Get your website wishlist done in a day!

Exclusive Bookings